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Since we started our journey in the Spring of 2020 JavaHava has a vision to provide gourmet blends along with providing a basic educational knowledge of various coffee blends-along with learning exotic "Barista mixology" techniques to expand-explore & open your mind to recipes' blends' & fellowship over a Cup of Joe.
Below are some of the highlights...
Started in the Spring of 2020. JavaHava is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service possible. We will continue to strive and make JavaHava your first choice for the best products, lightning fast 4-7 day shipping.


Get the latest on what we do and how we do it!
Because we absolutely love what we do.
From a strong and sustainable supply chain of our farmers and coffee-growing communities; manufacturing excellence and packaging neutrality within our operations, and unrivalled capability for our people and customers, we’re committed to delivering a better coffee experience for everyone.


JavaHava is a small, independent speciality online coffee service based in America; Dedicated to bringing speciality coffee to more people. We want to make Gourmet speciality coffee more accessible by clearly highlighting the tangible, qualities of high-grade coffees imparted by it's growing region's, along with the variety and processing methods. Our coffees are not defined by strength, but by flavour, so you’ll never see strength scales on our bags.
Just like with wine, the type of coffee variety, where it’s grown and how it’s processed will have a profound impact on the way it tastes. It’s time we celebrate and talk about this.
Our business is heavily retail-focused. We’ve always wanted to bring better coffee to the consumer market. It strikes us as strange that speciality coffee is still under-represented in the retail sector and we’re taking strides to redress this balance.                   


Single Origin Coffee is a coffee that’s sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country. Single farm and single estate mean that the coffee is sourced from one farm, mill, or co-operative. The important thing about Single Origin is its traceability. You know exactly where the coffee is from and that it is a specific coffee and not a blend. A Single Origin’s flavour profile depicts the origin’s characteristics of where this coffee was grown.


From crop to cup, JavaHava Coffee is passionate about offering you the perfect coffee; roasted and blended into a delicious creation of flavours and aromas. With the help of our master roasters and bean hunters, our beans are carefully roasted to give you the best coffee experience, every time.
We offer fresh hand roasted artisan coffee available in whole bean or pre-ground for your distinct level of brewing preference. We roast to order and package our coffee within minutes of roasting, which ensures the coffee arrives incredibly fresh. We offer over twenty-four different Gourmet varieties with unique and delectable flavor profiles.
Experience our delicious coffees made from the highest quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans focusing on Certified Single Origin Coffee and Fair Trade Certified Coffee. We source our coffee beans from along the Equatorial belt, Southeast Asia, Italy, The African Continent & also here in America. We specialize in quality and consistency, which creates Cup Perfection for All-Our-Customers. So Indulge yourself and Drink The Best Gourmet Blends!                           


Through our Master Roasters, we are dedicated to sourcing, roasting and delivering the best Single Origin and blended coffees in America.
Our roastery is where all the magic happens, utilising the latest technology and innovation to ensure the highest quality coffee in every cup.                                                 


From a strong and sustainable supply chain for our farmers and coffee-growing communities, manufacturing excellence and packaging neutrality within our operations, and unrivalled capability for our people and customers, we’re committed to delivering a better coffee experience for everyone.


From Whole Beans to 100% Ground, Espresso & k-cups; all blends are designed for the Global love of coffee. Highest quality coffee crafted by our master roasters to deliver a better in-home coffee experience.
Simple, sophisticated and easy to use.
Enjoy the deliciously rich flavour of our expertly crafted coffees at home.
We are Coffee passionate.
We are Coffee driven.