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August 30, 2020

Planning Your Doggy Outings: Tips For Successful Coffee Shop Visits.

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Dogs love the opportunity to get out and about with their owners, and lately more and more coffee shops, restaurants, and similar spots allow dogs to join their owners to hang out for a bit.
Not only is getting out good for your pooch, but it’s also a good opportunity to socialize for those who spend a lot working from home. There are important etiquette guidelines to follow when heading out to grab a cup of java with your pooch, however, and a bit of preparation and planning will go a long way toward ensuring both you and your dog have an enjoyable outing.
Consider your dog's temperament before heading to the shop
As the blog Go Pet Friendly notes, there are some steps to take before heading to the coffee shop or similar spots with your pooch. One of the most important things to consider is whether this is the type of outing that your dog will be able to handle well. Not every pup will feel comfortable in a setting like this, as there will typically be a lot of activity, tantalizing scents, and distractions that could cause challenges for your canine.
For dogs that are well socialized, joining you for a jaunt to the coffee shop might be a fabulous experience. However, for dogs who haven't been socialized well, this may not be a good experience for either you or your pup.
The ideal time to work on socialization is during the first few months of a puppy's life.
Owners should work on carefully exposing dogs to new experiences in positive ways. Doing this carefully and early on can help to ensure that they are happy and confident dogs. If a dog tends to get aggressive, agitated, or frightened easily, heading to the coffee shop together is probably not an activity that will go smoothly, and taking a step back to work on positive socialization may be the next best step. If your dog is not a puppy anymore, don’t worry, you can teach an old dog new tricks.
Plan ahead for the best chance at success
When you are planning a coffee shop visit with your dog as a new experience, it’s a good idea to go for the first time during a slower time of day when the shop will be relatively quiet.
Choose a spot that is away from the hustle and bustle of the shop, like a table in a corner, and keep your dog on a leash that you wrap around your chair or yourself. It is better to do this than wrap the leash around the table, notes the Honest Kitchen blog, as a startled or excited dog may try to take off and the table may not be able to hold them back.
Dogs will likely do best during their coffee shop visit if they're ready for a rest, so get them a good dose of exercise before planning to settle in for a bit. It's also wise to have them fed and ensure that any bathroom-related business has been taken care of ahead of time. It is also good etiquette to bring a portable water bowl to make sure that your pup has access to water during your visit. Some coffee shops will provide water bowls or other doggie necessities, but it is best to plan ahead and be prepared.
Don’t forget to have an extra bag for pup waste handy, too.
Be observant and ready to change plans if needed
Make sure to keep a close eye on how your dog is doing to ensure that they are not bothering other customers, barking, whining, or otherwise being disruptive. Be prepared to leave earlier than planned if the trip isn't going well for your pooch and don't forget to bring chew toys or treats that will help keep your dog relaxed and occupied during your coffee shop visit.
Many dogs love the opportunity to check out new places and keep their owner company at places like coffee shops, and this can be a fun outing for you and your dog with a bit of planning.
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