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April 23, 2020

Take it Slow Across The Intensity Spectrum.
Like anything worth doing, appreciating the bold flavour of the espresso is a process, not an event. We recommend starting off with a lighter roast and wean off your usual sugar intake slowly. Don’t worry; when it comes to espresso, it only gets better, never worse.
If you are used to the milky Café Latte, start ordering the slightly stronger Flat White, followed by the Latte Macchiato.
Once you decide that you are done with having milk in your brew, welcome the Americano into your life (you can even have it iced in our blistering hot weather) before reaching for the ultimate flavour bomb in a Demitasse (espresso cup).
Here’s a little visual roadmap for your white-to-black transition:
Café Latte
1/3 Espresso
2/3 Steamed Milk
Topped with Milk Foam
A delicate coffee with a balanced taste, but also pretty much a dessert in disguise. Time to bid adieu to the milkiest concoction, unless it’s cheat day.
Flat White
1/3 Espresso
2/3 Micro-foamed milk
Moving from the Café Latte to the Flat White is easy pesky. Often confused with the Café Latte, the Flat White embodies a slightly fuller coffee taste than its milkier counterpart.
Latte Macchiato
1/3 Espresso
2/3 Steamed Milk
Topped with Milk Foam
The Latte Macchiato is very similar to the Café Latte regarding composition. But this tri-coloured visual stunner comes with a good espresso hit directly below its foam. Hence, it boasts a stronger flavour than the Latte or the Flat White.
If you are feeling adventurous, head straight for the Macchiato, which consists only of espresso topped with a dollop of milk foam – The most intense coffee type with a hint of milk.
1/3 Espresso
2/3 Hot Water
Goodbye, milk. Hello, zero calories. You may be thinking, “Isn’t this just diluted espresso?” Technically, yes. But on a sensual level, the Americano is so much more. And we’ll be dedicating another article for a more in-depth discussion on Black Coffees, so keep your eyes peeled.
100% Espresso.
Here we are. The doorway into a world of new tastes and experiences. As we have mentioned, coffee taste can vary considerably from farm to farm and region to region and it will take years or decades to try them all.
So when you start drinking espresso, it doesn’t mean that you have reached the end of the line. On the contrary, your coffee appreciation journey has just begun.
Other Aspects To Note During Transition
Let Your Coffee Cool
We know you can’t wait to sip your freshly brewed blackie. But patience is a virtue. Always let your coffee cool a little before taking a sip because scalding your tongue with a 70-75°C espresso is no fun at all. And there’s no way you can maintain that sophisticated poise when your tongue is more roasted than the roast itself.
There is a reason why you don’t see a Venti-sized espresso. Larger cups are meant for milkier compositions so don’t go ordering or preparing a huge glass of black coffee. Chances are ¾ of it will end up in the drain.
Freshness Is Key
Cream and sugar are often used to disguise the unappealing taste of cheap, poorly roasted coffee. Although freshness of the beans affects the taste of any coffee, it is especially prominent in black coffee. The oils from old or overexposed beans taste like very much like spoiled food. So always ensure that the coffee beans are fresh and only grind them when it’s coffee o’clock.
Let The Essence Of The Bean Touch Your Soul.
Your very first sip of the Americano or Espresso will most likely taste just “like coffee”. But over time, the nuanced flavours will reveal themselves to your perceptive taste buds, and you will never settle for anything less.
So why not give black coffee a try?

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