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August 29, 2020

2 Reasons why JavaHava should sell Cold Brew Coffee


Cold brew coffee is perfect drink for hot summer days but why you should definitely sell it in your café? Here are my four reasons why every café should sell cold brew coffee throughout the year!

It's trendy

Cold brew is the fastest growing coffee beverage and  cold brew is especially growing in the northern Europe. The rise of cold brew is tied well together with the biggest coffee trend in Europe - rise of specialty coffee. Specialty coffee shops were the first ones to introduce cold brew in their selections and now the biggest brands such as Starb**ks and Co*ta Coffee have owned cold brew in their summer menus.
It's easy
As it states in its name, cold brew doesn't require hot water or fancy equipment so it's a low investment for your café. All you need is ground coffee (similar to filter / drip grind), cold water and brewing vessel. And of course time as brewing cold brew requires 12-16 hours. 
A Cold Brew Concentrate is a superb solution if you don't have time and space to brew it yourself.

It's profitable

Making cold brew is about the same cost as making filter coffee or espresso based drinks but you are easily able to charge +1€ more from it as it's a indulgence drink for most the of customers. Not to mention the more luxury cold brew cocktails that can easily add +2-3€ more revenue per drink. Think what that can do to your café's profitability if you are able to more cold brew instead of filter coffee and at the same time get some customers that wouldn't otherwise visit your café with your trendy coffee drinks.
Standard prices for different coffee drinks in Helsinki downtown;
filter coffee 3€ = 2€ profit
cappuccino 3,5€ = 2,4€ profit
caffé latte 4,5€ = 2,9€ profit
cold brew with milk 4,5€ = 3€ profit
cold brew mocktail 5,2€ = 3,2€ profit
Please note! These calculations where made by a person who doesn't do margin calculations regularly (=me) but these are just to give an idea about the margins. 
It's versatile.
Probably the best thing about cold brew is that it's the most versatile coffee and only the sky is the limit - with milk, as a cocktail, sparkling lemonade, affogato you name it. Cold brew coffee is often a bit less acidic and sweeter than e.g. filter coffee which it perfect pair with milk and lemonade.
Cold brew makes creating seasonal drinks easy and you are able to inspire your customers throughout the year.  You are able to go crazy with freakshake type of drinks full of chocolate sauce and whipped cream or create elegant coffee cocktails for the a bit older customers. And don't forget that cold brew can be also heated;
And don't forget that cold brew works nicely also in the kitchen. How does whiskey flavored cold brew coffee cheesecake sound to you?
Cold brew is the most versatile coffee - only sky is the limit!

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