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August 29, 2020

How to Make Coffee Ice Cream

Summer is here! Ice cream and ice pops bring us relief on a hot day and if they contain coffee, even better! Here are 3 different ways to enjoy coffee in the form of those cold coffee delicacies!

Cold Brew Ice Cream

This is a fun recipe where you infuse coffee directly into cream! Very coffee-like in flavor, not too sweet but not very creamy either. This was my favorite out of these three recipes – thanks for sharing it, Coild Brew Queen!
120 ml milk
120 ml heavy cream or whipping cream 
60 ml sugar 
1 egg 
80 ml roasted coffee beans
vanilla in the form of extract (0,5 tea spoon) or directly from a bean
  1. Crush or grind the beans. Put the crush/grinds and cream into a jar. Cover with a lid and keep in fridge for 20-24 hours. Give the infusion a nice stir a few times during steeping process.  
  2. Strain the cream through a mesh or similar and put it in the fridge. Note that the amount of liquid cream is a lot smaller than in the beginning of process. 
  3. Put a saucepan on a medium heat. Simmer the milk, don’t boil it. In case you use vanilla pod, steep it in the milk here.   
  4. Whisk eggs and sugar in a heat proof bowl. Then add the hot milk into the mixture whisking constantly. Add first just a small amount of milk pouring slowly to avoid making scrambled eggs. Afterthat you can add the rest of the milk and be a bit faster. 
  5. Once the milk, eggs and sugar are mixed, pour the mixture on the saucepan. Cook it on medium heat stirring constantly for about 5-10 minutes until the mixture thickens a bit. In case you use vanilla extract, add it at this point.   
  6. Cool down the milk for 10 minutes and then stir in the coffee cream. Put the mixture in the fridge for at least 5 hours, preferably overnight. 

Tahini Flavored Coffee Ice Cream

Here are so many reasons to fall in love! Sweetness, rich texture and the mild coffee taste that suits the beginning coffee lovers, too.
480 ml whipping cream or heavy cream (should be the kind you can heat up)
50 coffee beans (~ 8 g) 
1 can (~ 400 g) condensed milk without additional flavor
1 teaspoon extra fine ground coffee
60 g tahini paste
(1 shot of espresso if you prefer more intense coffee taste)
  1. Pour 150 ml cream into a kettle and add the coffee beans. Heat up slowly. 
  2. While heating up the cream, mix condensed milk with tahini and coffee grounds in a bowl that you can put in the freezer later on.
  3. As soon as the cream starts to vapor, take the kettle off from heat plate. Pour the cream with the coffee beans to a bowl and cool off on an ice bed. 
  4. As soon as the coffee bean cream is properly cooled off, sieve the coffee beans off and add it to the mixture made earlier. 
  5. Whip the rest of the cream (330 ml) until it creates soft tips in the bowl.
  6. Add whipped cream into the mixture made earlier. Make sure you lift the whipped cream gently into the mixture and stir as little as possible to keep the mixture fluffy. 
  7. Freeze at least  for 6-8 hours.

Cold Brew Coffee Ice Pops

It does not get easier than this! You can also make as many different pops as you have the molds! I used vanilla extract for some of the pops <3 Without any added sweetener these are perfect for adult taste! And with vanilla syrup or extract or maybe some sweet  chocolate they are everyone’s favorite!
3 dl cold brew coffee (double strength infusion)
3 dl milk
ice pop molds with a stick


  1. Mix coffee and milk and pour the mixture into the molds. In case you use coffee with regular strength, use less milk or no milk at all. In case you use some flavoring, add it before pouring in the mixture.
  2. Place the sticks into the molds and put the pops in freezer for overnight.
Don’t you think cold brew coffee is extremely versatile ingredient! Are you considering to include it into your café menu? Check online blog posts about why you really should do so!
And hey, do you have a great recipe for coffee ice cream lollies? Share it with others and we will for sure give it a taste!

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